Welcome to Oldmachar Dental Care Aberdeen
We are the home of holistic pain-free dentistry and Aberdeen’s only holistic dentist. Please feel free to explore our Calm & Gentle Dentistry.
Welcome to Oldmachar Dental Care Aberdeen
Start your transformation with us today! We are well trained and it’s our philosophy that all treatments be focused on relieving you from aches and pains in the gentlest way possible. Advanced new age dental techniques enable us to dramatically improve your smile.
Welcome to Oldmachar Dental Care Aberdeen
Our aim is to help you to find your confidence in your new smile and the new you. We do Life transforming Dentistry. Happiness is driven by a smile 🙂

We offer health focused holistic dentistry.We treat the human being as a whole, and consider the impact that your dental health has on your overall health. We use bio-compatible materials that are healthier for the body, and we look at nutrition and lifestyle as part of your treatment plan.

We always take our time with our patients.We like to get to know our patients and make sure you feel well cared for, and we aim to build a relationship of mutual trust. We also like to allow plenty of time for appointments to be able to carry out treatment in a relaxed manner.

We are a small independent dental practice. The team works very closely together, which creates a caring environment and family-like feel. You get to know us all well, and we get to know you well so we can support your needs as best possible. We also have the independence to choose the best materials, techniques and laboratories for treatment.

We provide the highest quality of treatment at the lowest cost possible to our patients.We maintain affordable fees, and continually reinvest in the practice to enhance patient experience. We support our community by working with local businesses and charities.

Extra support for nervous patients. We understand that visiting the dentist can cause some anxiety, and we have extra support in place for those that find their visits particularly stressful. We create a calm and relaxing environment for everyone, but we are experienced in supporting phobic patients and have lots of techniques to help you relax.

Transparent treatment plans.All treatments are fully explained to you, including any alternative options and costs involved, to help you take an active role in your dental health.

Our Promise to You

  • Our dental practice is designed to make you feel comfortable, with nice calming rooms that help you relax
  • We talk you through the treatment, and listen to your concerns
  • You will be secure and fully informed about any step we take and about the costs involved
  • We will guide you through the whole treatment that is designed according to your needs & wishes

All our work is guaranteed* so you feel confident and secure in your investment

Ethical Policy

“Proud to be Ethical”

At Oldmachar Dental Care we have strong ethical principles. We believe in being fair and honest, and doing what we can to help others and the environment. We offer holistic care to our patients and have a holistic attitude towards ethical business.

We are committed to looking after the environment. We continually seek to minimise the impact of our activity on the environment by using natural, eco-friendly and/or recycled products where we can and have a firm reuse and recycle policy.

At the practice, we choose to use natural and organic products that are responsibly sourced where we can, and we are against animal testing.

Additionally, any financial success we have is shared with our staff, patients and the community. We achieve this by increased and fair salaries for our staff and investment in their training and development, we keep our fees as low as we can and we reinvest in the company to continually improve customer experience, and we make donations to local and global charities, as well as hosting and participating in charity events.
We continually strive towards more ethical business.

Silver fillings, also known as Amalgam fillings are silver coloured fillings that contain approximately 50% mercury.
You should ask your dentist about their safety protocols before going ahead with any amalgam removal treatment. 

Oldmachar dental care in Aberdeen

Here at Oldmachar Dental Care we provide a thorough and complete holistic service. We emphasise on prevention as well as personalised attention and take great pride in the level of professionalism that we offer.


Oldmachar Dental Care is conveniently located in Bride of Don, Aberdeen with a parking space and wheelchair access. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about directions to our location.


To ensure that payment is one less worry to have, we offer a wide range of finance packages tailored to your individual needs to help spread the costs of your treatment. Please feel free to speak to any of our team if you would like further information regarding finance options.


Making an appointment to see us at Oldmachar dental practice can be done in several ways. Please feel free to contact us via phone or email

‘Oldmachar Dental Care is a small but busy holistic dental practice located in Jesmond Drive, Aberdeen. We are a close knit team of three who work to offer a calm and relaxed environment for all of our patients and we take pride in maintaining and building close relationships with those who visit us.