Invisalign ® proposes the ultimate solution to straightening your teeth. By using invisible aligners, your doctor will create a personalised treatment plan that will transform your smile with both convenience and comfortability.

Every innovative feature of the Invisalign System is designed to reveal the smile that you deserve. It’s why millions of people have now transformed their smile with our removable invisible aligners.

How long does Invisalign treatment take?
Depending on the complexity of the case, you could complete your treatment in as little as 4 months. but you’ll start seeing results in a matter of weeks.

We take pride in the full support we offer our patients to help maintain their new smile.  We schedule follow up appointments to make sure there are no issues or any concerns. Should any questions or doubts arise, we have an online dedicated team ready to offer our full advice day and night.

Once the treatment is complete, we offer all our patients a pair of Vivera Retainers. These retainers are created by Invisalign themselves using only the highest quality materials available. They are smartly produced using the design of your final tray ensuring a lifetimes worth of maintenance for your perfect smile.